This Is Us

This Is Us, we would like to introduce the faces of Mad Mod. We are women in business. We are creative minds who had an idea to make small space living worth it. Kelli, our Founder, and CEO lives in Boulder, CO with her two daughters and cats, when she is not working countlessly on Mad Mod, she spends her time hiking and enjoying the outdoors with her family. The idea of the company came into her mind when she realized she was low on storage and in need of an efficient way to make use of her small space, then BAM million dollar idea. Co-Founder and Digital Marketing Coordinator, Brette, is not only a social media expert but uses her creativity to create goals and market the business to the right target market. Chase, assisting in the curating and Digital Content of the Mad Mod website, is dedicated to staging the ideal box for our subscribers, adding personal touches based on the likes of the followers. And of course, we would not be streaming online without the help of our talented Developer, Jessica! Bringing her engineering skills into the content and manageability of the website in order to, best personalize and promote the business, but make it accessible to the subscribers. Mad Mod is not your typical subscription company, we are a group of close-knit women looking to enhance the efficiency of small space living, no matter where that may be. This is us. This is Mad Mod Design Company.

Small space living is the new norm

Some people say, the bigger the better, we say the smaller the better. Of course,  bigger is wonderful, but small space living is easily becoming the new norm of this generation. Here at Mad Mod Design Company, our goal is to cater quality items to our seasonal subscribers with unique design elements that set us apart from other companies. The importance of making your small space feel like home is where the Mad box will come into play, by personally customizing your box with interests and color schemes in mind to make each box shout, Y.O.U. Say goodbye to the overflowing boxes of seasonal decor and say hello to the easiest way to stay organized and most importantly embrace the essence of uniqueness. Whether you’re living small or large, just remember that home is where the Mad box is!


Madcentury Modern, a time for downsizing.

In this mad new century, more and more people are moving towards downsizing. Our vision is to support the idea of living a more minimalistic and versatile life. After a recent downsize of my own, I began to discover many challenges associated with this lifestyle, including tiring trips to the storage room for holiday decor, guest blankets, outdoor gear, party supplies, etc. This struggle is not mine alone, this is a worsening problem that needs to be addressed. After years in the luxury furniture industry, I quickly developed a passion for midcentury design, an understanding of the benefits and pitfalls of shipping products, and the importance of exquisite customer service. So that’s when I decided to put together a small team of dedicated women, looking to revolutionize the way we look at home design, by providing the convenience delivering rented mod decor to your door for every season and occasion. At the end of the season, simply box it up, and ship it back. Simple as that. So, let’s not think twice when considering the minimalistic lifestyle, after all, less is more.