Madcentury Modern, a time for downsizing.

In this mad new century, more and more people are moving towards downsizing. Our vision is to support the idea of living a more minimalistic and versatile life. After a recent downsize of my own, I began to discover many challenges associated with this lifestyle, including tiring trips to the storage room for holiday decor, guest blankets, outdoor gear, party supplies, etc. This struggle is not mine alone, this is a worsening problem that needs to be addressed. After years in the luxury furniture industry, I quickly developed a passion for midcentury design, an understanding of the benefits and pitfalls of shipping products, and the importance of exquisite customer service. So that’s when I decided to put together a small team of dedicated women, looking to revolutionize the way we look at home design, by providing the convenience delivering rented mod decor to your door for every season and occasion. At the end of the season, simply box it up, and ship it back. Simple as that. So, let’s not think twice when considering the minimalistic lifestyle, after all, less is more.

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